Better and better with each new novel!

I always fear that a series will not live up to an amazing first volume, however, as with her previous series, each installment of Anne Bishop’s “The Others” series delivers a wonderful story, and Marked in Flemikcoversh is no exception!

After the tragic events at the end of Visions in Silver, readers reenter the world of Namid’s creations amidst rising tension between the Others and the humans of Thaisia, where Meg and the Lakeside Courtyard hold the key to human survival.  Marked in Flesh follows Meg, Simon and their allies as they attempt to thwart the spreading influence of the Humans First and Last movement and the machinations of Nicholas Scratch.  The actions of a few humans will catch the attention of the Other’s from deep within the woods, changing the landscape of the world forever, and even Courtyards may not survive.  
The world of the Others is richly detailed and wonderfully enthralling.  I can hardly wait for March each year for the newest book in the Others series.  I am in love with the residents of Lakeside courtyard and the relationships that Bishop has created in her novels.  The characters and relationships grow and develop as the story expands.  Marked in Flesh brings the story beyond the Lakeside Courtyard, introducing readers to other Cassandra Sangue and Courtyards throughout Thasia.  

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