The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa

Iron Traitor Outlined


The Iron Traitor

Written by Julie Kagawa

Published by Harlequin Teen

Release Date: October 29, 2013


Julie Kagawa delivers again!

I have been a fan of Kagawa’s writing since she released The Iron King.  Her ability to pull inspiration from myth, history, and modern life to create a story that is wholly original fascinates me.  The Iron Traitor is the latest installment in her Call of the Forgotten series, and it does not disappoint.

The Iron Traitor follows Ethan and Kierran as they race against time to save Annwyl, an exiled Summer faery, from Fading out of existence.  As they struggle to accomplish the impossible, they will bargain with friends and enemies and cross lines that should never be crossed.  Even if they save Annwyl, will it be worth the price?

The Iron Traitor is wonderfully action packed and filled monsters, magic, and romance.  I love the detail that Kagawa puts into her writing; it brings her characters and her settings to life, making them jump off the page.

One of my favorite aspects about this book are the two main characters: Ethan (on the cover of The Lost Prince)  and Kierran (on the current cover–isn’t he handsome!).  I really admire the added depth that these two parallel characters give to the novel.  As you read, you will find that their personal situations have very similar aspects and the actions and desires of one are mirrored in the other.  Yet the emotions that motivate Ethan and Kierran, and the ways in which they cope with the challenges they face highlight their differences.  I think that the interplay between the two similar and yet very different characters really makes the action compelling and intriguing, rather than simply entertaining.

For those of you who have read The Iron Fey Series, you will be excited to see some of your favorite characters return, specifically a smug cat and an adventurous trickster.

The Iron Traitor is a great read.  The only downside to this book is that I have finished it already–and now I have to wait for the next one to come out!