Waiting on Wednesday: Wedding Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen #19)


Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine.com, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

This weeks can’t-wait-to-read is:WeddingCakeMurder

Wedding Cake Murder

Hannah Swensen #19

by Joanna Fluke

02 . 23 . 2016

From Goodreads:

Everyone in Lake Eden, Minnesota, may have had their doubts, but at long last, Hannah Swensen is getting married!
Hannah is thrilled to be marrying Ross Barton, her college crush. And her excitement only grows when she learns he’ll be able to join her on her trip to New York City for the Food Channel’s dessert chef contest. She’s especially nervous about facing Alain Duquesne, a celebrity chef with a nasty reputation. But before he can tear into Hannah’s layer cake, she finds him stabbed to death on the show’s kitchen set. Out of the oven, as the saying goes, and into the bright lights of Broadway, as Hannah tries to solve a mystery with more layers than a five-tiered wedding cake…

Why I am waiting…

Because she is getting MARRIED! and going to New York!

Just when the series was getting too repetative, Fluke got even more creative.  She really has done a great job with the series!

And!! For anyone who is already a fan of the series.  I just discovered the Hallmark Channel has made a movie based on the first book.  The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder is based on the first book of the Hannah Swensen Series.  The movie is playing throughout the summer on the Hallmark Channel (makes me wish I hadn’t gotten rid of cable!) Check out a trailer below!



Waiting on Wednesday: Double Fudge Brownie Murder (Hannah Swensen #18)


Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine.com, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

Double Fudge Brownie Murder (Hannah Swensen, #18)


This week’s can’t-wait-to-read is:

Double Fudge Brownie Murder

Hannah Swensen #18 

by Joanna Fluke 

02 . 24 . 15

From GoodReads: 

Life in tiny Lake Eden, Minnesota, is usually pleasantly uneventful. Lately, though, it seems everyone has more than their fair share of drama–especially the Swensen family. With so much on her plate, Hannah Swensen can hardly find the time to think about her bakery–let alone the town’s most recent murder.  .  .

Hannah is nervous about the upcoming trial for her involvement in a tragic accident. She’s eager to clear her name once and for all, but her troubles only double when she finds the judge bludgeoned to death with his own gavel–and Hannah is the number one suspect. Now on trial in the court of public opinion, she sets out in search of the culprit and discovers that the judge made more than a few enemies during his career. With time running out, Hannah will have to whip up her most clever recipe yet to find a killer more elusive than the perfect brownie.


Why I am waiting…

So, interestlingly enough back in 2013 I saw a post by someone who was Waiting On a Hannah Swensen novel.  It looks intriguing…bright colored covers, mysteries, and who DOESN’T love cookies?!  I picked up the first book, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, and was hooked. And not just on the books, the recipes are pretty great too.  This series has everything from an over bearing mother, co-conspirator sister, crazy cats, a love triangle, small town shenanigans, sweets and murder.

After book 16 and change (there were some “.5s” in there) the formula was getting a bit repetitive.  However, Fluke really shook things up in book 17 and I cannot wait to see how it plays out in this book.

Also — I always look forward to the new recipes.

Note:  If you do try some of the recipes, which I would definitely recommend, make sure to pay attention to how many cookies or desserts they make and maybe cut the recipe in half.  So many cookies!

Waiting on Wednesday: Mr. Kiss and Tell (Veronica Mars #2)



Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine.com, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

This weeks can’t-wait-to-read is:

Mr. Kiss and Tell (Veronica Mars, #2)

Mr. Kiss and Tell 

Veronica Mars #2

by Rob Thomas, Jennifer Graham

01 . 26 . 15

From GoodReads:

In the second book in the New York Times bestselling mystery series, Veronica Mars is back with a case that will expose the hidden workings of one of Neptune’s most murderous locations.

The Neptune Grand has always been the seaside town’s ritziest hotel, despite the shady dealings and high-profile scandals that seem to follow its elite guests. When a woman claims that she was brutally assaulted in one of its rooms and left for dead by a staff member, the owners know that they have a potential powder keg on their hands. They turn to Veronica to disprove—or prove—the woman’s story.

The case is a complicated mix of hard facts, mysterious occurrences, and uncooperative witnesses. The hotel refuses to turn over its reservation list and the victim won’t divulge who she was meeting that night. Add in the facts that the attack happened months ago, the victim’s memory is fuzzy, and there are holes in the hotel’s surveillance system, and Veronica has a convoluted mess on her hands. As she works to fill in the missing pieces, it becomes clear that someone is lying—but who? And why?

Why I am waiting: 

I am not gonna lie, I came to the Veronica Mars party a bit late. I finally decided to give it a try on Netflix one afternoon.  My sister had been telling me for years that I was going to love it — especially since I lover Buffy the Vampire SlayerAngelRoswell, Dark Angel, NCIS…etc.  Anyways — I gave in and less than a week later I had binge watched all three season and the fan-funded movie.  The series is just fantastic.  Though I do hear that there is a possibility for another movie, the story of the Veronica’s adventures is currently being continued through novels.  A friend gave me the first book, The Ten Thousand-Dollar Tan Lineand I finished it in a DAY.  This next book looks like it is going to be just as good and I am so excited.