Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

In a word: “Wow”Crown of Midnight

In a sentence: “Holy Crap! I can’t wait for the next one!”

The sequel to Throne of Glass is even better than the first book. Now the King’s Champion, Celaena Sardothien must carry out the assassination orders of a king she hates. Despite her new role, Celaena is able to make a life for herself as the love and friendship she found grows. But as life in the Glass Castle becomes more dangerous and unrest in the kingdom grows, Celaena must choose between protecting herself and those closest to her and risking everything for the good of the kingdom.

The Throne of Glass series is like Game of Thrones for YA readers. Maas delivers epic fantasy with complex, imperfect, and driven characters. Her novels are completely thrilling and unexpected. With each book, readers learn a little bit more Prince Dorian, Chaol, Nehemia and Celaena. Crown of Midnight uncovers more of Celaena’s secrets as tragedy strikes and forces Celaena to face her past and choose her future. The action in this installment in the Throne of Glass series was incredible; Maas is clearly building to a grand finale the will redefine YA Fantasy.